About the COVID-19 Crisis

The CIAS Committee has been working hard over the past 6 weeks to maintain the future of your Community Pub, despite the difficulties and uncertainties thrown up by COVID-19.
For the past month we have been collaborating with our Plunkett appointed Industry Expert. We can now report that a temporary rent concession has been agreed with our tenants. However, this arrangement cannot be sustained for any length of time, so regular meetings with the tenants are planned to ensure we can all meet our commitments. Our original schedule to repay our existing loans has therefore been disrupted and this will mean the timeframe for repayment will be extended.

The pandemic, as I am sure you are aware, makes the future return to business and socialising within the industry so very uncertain. Nevertheless, getting ready for reopening in changed circumstances, and ensuring the Chequer Inn brand is intact, are part of our collaborative efforts together with the tenants, Jan and Craig.
As we have been hearing in the news a number of grants and loans have been made available to small businesses. We can report that Jan and Craig are actively pursuing all these opportunities available to them. On our behalf, The Society has been enabled to apply for grants from Power to Change as we are the recipients of funding from the More than a Pub programme. We hope that this funding will support the community activities that have been missing since lockdown, like Meet up Mondays. Please keep reviewing the website and Facebook pages for more information.

It has been a particularly stressful time for our tenants and their extended family only 8 months into opening a new business. They have informed us they will not be ‘easily deterred’ and together we hope the Chequer Inn will return to serve the Community as soon as possible.

Work on the disabled toilet has been interrupted for several weeks, but by the time you read this we hope that work on it may have recommenced.

It’s challenging times for everyone but now, more than ever, we need your support.
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