The Chequer Inn Ash Society was created at the beginning of 2017 in order to be able to run the “Save” campaign under an official organisation which could raise funds to buy the Pub from their Owners. The Society is currently composed of 300+ Members who also became Shareholders by purchasing community shares. With the help of loans and grants from the Plunkett Foundation and private lenders, the total raised allowed the Society to purchase the Pub in April 2018. The Chequer Inn Ash Society is represented by a Committee, elected each year by the Members and which usually comprises between 8 to 12 Members. The Committee meet regularly and set the plans and actions to refurbish and re-open the Chequer, and will overview the future running of the Pub in close collaboration with a professionally appointed Tenant.


Buying shares in the Chequer Inn Ash Society Limited will make you a member of the Society, with an equal vote regardless of your shareholding. Your involvement thereafter can be as much or as little as you wish. You can vote at Annual Members Meetings, stand for election to the Management Committee, volunteer your skills or just give The Chequer Inn your custom.

If you wish to become a Member of the society and would like more information about the application process please send us an email using the form on the front page.

More information on what community shares are and what to expect when you buy them can be found here.