After a long two and a half year campaign to Save The Chequer Inn from conversion to a private house, we are pleased to announce that on 11th April 2018 our solicitors completed the deal and we are now the owners of The Chequer Inn, Ash!

THANK YOU to all Shareholders, Investors and Committee members for the hard work and dedication for getting this far, and believing in the project right from the very start.

We are now actively planning the next stage of the project. Once we are sure the building is safe, there will be lots to do!

We will need people who can:

  • Clear rubbish – into a wagon/skip provided
  • Clear the garden – including reclaiming it from the wilderness first and then redesigning/replanting to make it a pleasant place to be.
  • Make refreshments!
  • Do decorating and general DIY

There will be additional tasks which will need to be undertaken by skilled tradespeople – so if you are a plasterer, tiler, electrician, carpenter (etc) and could spare us a few hours of your time and expertise at reduced or ideally zero cost that would be very much appreciated. In return we would acknowledge your support on our website for all to see.

The more that can be achieved by volunteers the further our funds will stretch, as well as being another opportunity to bring the community together as we enter a more ‘hands on’ phase of the project.

Please show your support on the following link….